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Sunday Worship Service
10:30 am

Sunday School
8:45 am

Tuesday Bible Class
11:00 am

Jesus Cares Worship Service
4th Saturday of each month
10:00 am

Worship at the Cross:  Jesus Cares
Special Service for People with Special Needs
and Their Families

4th Saturday of Each Month
10:00 am
NEXT SERVICE:  Saturday, 9-22-2018
Theme:  'The Last Will Be First'
The “Worship at the Cross” service is designed to make
each part of a worship service have special meaning,
especially for people with special needs.



Sermons for the following Sundays
Will Be Based on the Theme:

(What DID Jesus Do?)

Sunday, September 23

'He Showed Love When It Wasn't Convenient'

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Past Sermons