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Season of Lent

Theme for Midweek Lenten Services
'Jesus Keeps His Promises'

Ash Wednesday, February 14

'Jesus Keeps His Promise of Love'

Wednesday, February 21
'He is Faithful Even When We Break Our Promises'

Wednesday, February 28
'He Promises Life in Heaven'

Wednesday, March 7
'Jesus Promises to Seek Us As His Friends'

Wednesday, March 14
'His Promises Are For the Weary and the Burdened'

Wednesday, March 21
'He Fulfills the Promise of the Prophets'

Holy Week
Thursday, March 29 - Maundy Thursday

'We Remember His Promise in Holy Communion'

Friday, March 30 - Good Friday


Worship Service

10:00 am

Sunday School
and Bible Class

8:45 am

Bible Class

3:00 pm

Jesus Cares Worship Service
4th Saturday of each month
10:00 am
Worship at the Cross:  Jesus Cares
Special Service for People with Different Abilities
and Their Families

4th Saturday of Each Month
NEXT SERVICE:  Saturday, 3-24-2018
10:00 am

Each person should have the opportunity to worship God in a way that he or she understands. The “Worship at the Cross” service is designed to make each part of a worship service have special meaning, especially for people with cognitive impairments.